Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Nubar Purple Rain Glitter

This is my first Nubar nail polish and also the first glittery polish :) The colour is just amazing..... dark purple with small multicoloured glitters - red, blue, green, yellow, purple - shame I couldn't capture it well in my photos, but you get an idea..:)

Pictures are taken in the artificial light....

Bundle Monster Nail Art - plate no. BM16 (same design is on BM11)


  1. I love that colour.. It's so unique! Where did you get the nail art thingy from? Pretty pattern :) xx

    -Sriya xx

  2. Taky ho mám a hodně se mi líbí, a Tobě moc sluší!

  3. Sriya - I bought the nail art from Amazon - search for Bundle Monster.... they ship worldwide and I paid for 21 plates £14 including the postage - BARGAIN :) x

    Mína - diky moc :) x

  4. Eeek! I love it! I better go check that out and get me some! Thanks honey! :) xxx

  5. I've never heard of Nubar before. This looks so nice! I like the shade and that it's glossy! I have to say, it looks great with or without the designs.

    P.S. You have really nice finger nails! I wish mine grew that long. They're so brittle!

  6. jaké krásné nehtíky ale víc se mi líbí bez těch kytiček..:)

  7. Moc krásné!

  8. Erica - thanks :)

    Toni - I used Nubar diamont seal & shine top coat hence the glossy finish :) Everyone can grow nice nails, you just need to start using good base and top coat to protect your nails!

    Mimi and klaudi - dakujem :)

    Veronica - diky :) nie kazdemu ulahodia kvietky ;)

    Dagmar - dakujem... btw mas super blog:)

  9. krasne to ma motivovalo k tomu aby som si teraz isla aj ja urobit kvetinky:(


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