Sunday, 23 January 2011

Diet Coke & Nails inc

You probably don't know that I'm a complete deal hunter :) When I've read about the Diet Coke & Nails inc deal I was soooo excited and couldn't wait until my next trip to Boots. I picked up 2 from 4 nail polishes they had in offer... and 4 x 500 ml Diet Coke indeed!



Although it was pretty opaque after 1 coat I decided to add one more and then Nubar diamont seal & shine top coat.

I used a Bundle Monster plate no. BM19 and added this beautiful design on top with Barry M - Turquoise.


  1. Ooh I really need to get Denim! I already have Caramel which I LOVE!
    Gorgeous pattern btw :) xx

  2. Denim is beautiful, you should definitely get it! I haven't tried Caramel yet but I have a feeling that I'll love it as well:) x


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