Sunday, 2 January 2011

My new Konad set

I wanted to try Konad for a long time and I finally got it from my husband for Christmas :) I've chosen a French Manicure Kit as I thought it'd be good to start with.

The whole set looks like this:
And there are some picture instructions on the back of the box:
You'll get:
  • 3 plates (M19, M45, M62) with french manicure designs:
  • 2 special nail polishes (very neutral black and white):
  • stamp and scraper (scraper can be easily replaced by an old credit card - it'll do the same job):
  • eraser (corrector) pen, which I didn't take a detailed picture of.....
I'd recommend to use the special polishes (at least on your first try) as they are thicker than normal polishes and easier to transfer to the stamp. But I think it will work well with a thicker normal polish once you gain some practice. 
From the beginning I struggled to transfer the design from the plate to the stamper and I was very disappointed. But after searching some tips on the Internet I used my nail file and filed the stamp 2-3 times. It really helped and the designs started to transfer very easily and clearly. 
Now I just need a little practice on how to place the designs into the right place. But I think my first attempt is quite nice :)
I've used the plate no. M62 with this little cute bow:
And Barry M - Chocolate as a base colour:


  1. Mě to připomíná velikonoční vajíčka :D

  2. Teraz ked sa tak na to pozeram, tak aj mne trochu :)))) musim si este dokupit nejake plates so vzormi na cely necht...

  3. tieto razitka su velmi uzitocne:), ja mam sice lacnejsie ako konad, ale zato posluzia tiez. A skusala som to tie z minula- zatial nula bodov...

  4. Krása! Máš pěkné nehty... třeba budu mít v příštím životě taky takové ;)

  5. It looks amazing. I have seen it in person once but you make it look even better!

  6. Thanks girls! I'm glad you like it and appreciate your comments:)

    Evie - skusila som zatial iba 2 vzory a velmi sa mi to paci :) citala som review aj na lacnejsie razitka a ze vraj su tiez v pohode :) co ti neslo na tom marble?

    Boruvk_a - treba sa o ne iba poriadne starat... a hlavne lakovat aby sa spevnili :)

  7. where did you buy this kit from?
    i want it so bad!

  8. Sabina - I've just asked my husband and he bought it from Amazon... hope it helps :) x


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