Friday, 28 January 2011

NOTD - Nails inc - Caramel and a little disaster!

I absolutely love this colour! :)

I wore it for about 3 days and then decided to add some nail art.... and I totally messed it up with the Nubar Diamont top coat :(

I used Konad black special nail polish and Bundle Monster plate no. BM19. To be honest I won't use the black nail polish to apply this design again :(

I'm definitely buying a Seche Vite top coat now to avoid this happening again!


  1. That looks really pretty! It's a shame that it got smudged :( xx

  2. Thanks Sriya... I got so upset when it got smudged but decided to post it anyway :) x

  3. Máš krááásne dlhé nechty a tá hnedá im pristane!

  4. diky Veve.. uz by som ich mala asi trochu skratit :))


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