Saturday, 8 January 2011

How I depotted my Mac eyeshadows and got a free lipstick

I got an empty Mac palette for 15 eyeshadows from my husband for Christmas. I was very pleased as it's definitely less space consuming and a better way how to store your eyeshadows.

I started to depot my old eye-shadows from their containers. I took my tweezers and divided the top part from the bottom. This is the easiest part, just place your tweezers in the line as shown below...

.... push and you'll get this.... (sorry for not matching colours)

Next you'll need a candle to heat a bottom of the container and make it more bendable..... 

And now it comes to the most difficult part. Take a mini screwdriver and carefully push the eyeshadow out.... It doesn't come out easy so be patient and don't hurt yourself....

... and voilà, your eyeshadow is out of the container...the metal part is quite hot so hold it with your tweezers and let it cool down....

Then remove a sticky glue from the bottom of pan with acetone and place the shadow to the palette. Optionally you can leave the glue on and attach a small magnet to avoid it from falling out of the palette.

And here is my new palette:

Top row: Crystal Avalanche, Vanilla, Brule, Grain (almost used up), Wedge
Middle row: Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe, Sable, Woodwinked, Tempting
Bottom row: Knight, Cranberry, Very Violet, Beauty Marked, Carbon

The colours are not very coordinated but I'll work on it:)

And the best part is that if you take 6 empty eyeshadow containers back to Mac store, you'll get a free lipstick :) 

After long decisions I've chosen Angel. It's described as Soft pink with frost finish. However it's not as frosty as the other Mac frosty lipsticks. And I must admit I quite like it. It's perfect nude colour and I've already fallen in love with it :)

I still have 5 empty containers left... so just one more to add and another free lipstick will be mine... any suggestions which one to pick next time?


  1. Great idea!! :) I just got myth and it's fantastic if you like nude lips! :)

  2. vyzera to fakt dobre, gratulujem k mac paletke, chcela som sa spytat, ked mas tolko skusenosti s mac-om, aky typ si, a ci nemas skusenost s Dainty mineralnou tvarenkou.:)

  3. Thanks Erica..I have to try Myth as well.. it looks great!

    Evie - dakujem... v Mac-u mi povedali ze som NW25, co znamena ze som teply typ... ale mam aj make up NC pre studene typy a tiez mi celkom sedi... tak neviem.. ale asi skor ten teply...
    s Dainty nemam skusenost ale mam 2 ine mineral blushes a som spokojna :)

  4. Krásná paletka, samé osvědčené odstíny! Už dlouho plánuji Angel vyzkoušet, ale pořád mě brzdil ten frost finish, na Tobě vypadá ale opravdu super=)

  5. Talka - dakujem :)) Angel sa urcite oplati vyskusat, ako som pisala tak vobec nie je velmi frosty..


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