Monday, 13 December 2010

Bad packaging of UDPP

I thought I had already run out of my favourite eyeshadow base Urban Decay Primer Poition when I remembered this very useful tip. I asked my husband to cut the top off and voila.... plenty of product was still inside and it will last me for another month or so. So if you want to save some monies do not throw it away when it seems to be almost empty. But be careful when cutting the packaging, it's quite hard!
Hopefully Urban Decay have already been aware of this and will consider change of packaging soon. It'd be great to have it in a tube or something...
And below some swatches:

half blended:

completely blended:


  1. ja to tak robievam pri kazdom produkte, ktory sa da rozrezat, mnohe balenia byvaju take, ze v nich ostane este dost, aj ked si uz myslime, ze tam nic nie je. Urban dacay vyraba aj profesionalnu verziu tohto primeru, ktory je v tube (podobnej zubnej paste,len s tensim hrdol). Je vsak niekolko nasobne vacsi neviem, ci nie 150% balenie.
    Mimochodom aj ja mam doma Sigma stetce este takmer nerozbalene:)

  2. tak to som nevedela, ze dostat aj vacsie balenie UDPP.. diky za radu :))
    a tie Sigmy rychlo vyskusaj :)

  3. That's exactly why I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer. It comes in a tube so I don't have to worry about cutting it open when it gets low. Plus it works very well.

  4. I've just watched some comparisons and reviews on Too Faced Shadow Insurance vs. UDPP and they seems to be quite identical... I must try it! Thanks Blix :)


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