Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My Valentines treats ♥

As you might already know, I've taken an advantage of the great deal from the Buzz magazine (enclosed in the Saturday's Sun) and picked up this Barry M beauty gift from Superdrug (I've actually got 2 as I thought of my sister who lives back home in Slovakia as well (: )

 I've tried the nail polish straight away and I must admit that the consistency of this nail polish is different from the usual Barry M polishes. But the colour is quite nice :). I've experimented and used a white polish from Revlon - White on White on my ring finger and wanted to stamp the lips design with Barry M. But unfortunately it didn't work, so I've just used the special Konad Black Polish.

I've used a Bundle Monster plate no. BM02 for this cute lips design.


And last but not least..... my gorgeous husband must have read my mind and he's got me this amazing perfume from Vera Wang with a free bag for Valentines day :) ♥♥♥


  1. Ten lesk vypadá moc dobře! Aspoň na tvých rtech ;)

  2. I love your nails, the lips design is TOO cute!



  3. @Boruvk_a - ano celkom som s nim spokojna.... bodaj by som aj nebola, ved bol vlastne zadarmo :))

    @R. - Thank you x

  4. zlaty to manzel :))) a aky je ten parfem? ja momentalne zhanam nejaky novy, tak robim mensi prieskum.

  5. @Nikavero - no velmi ta nepotesim, lebo neviem velmi opisovat vone :( ale je z takej sladsej kategorie.... taky romanticky, valentinsky :)


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