Thursday, 17 February 2011

Essie - Lilacism take 2

If you scroll down to my very first post you'll see 2 photos of this lovely nail polish. But I thought that it deserves more than 2 pics so there you go:

 And of course I had to stamp it :) I used Essie - Sexy Divide and a Bundle Monster image plate no. BM03. My stamping is never perfect even if I follow every single advice I read or see :( My biggest problem is picking up a whole image on the stamp..... maybe one day after million attempts it will be perfect :)


  1. Gorgeous! You also have amazing nails! I'm jealous!

  2. Vypadá fakt hezky. Pořád o něm uvažuju...

  3. @Barbie - Thank you and no need to be jealous :) try to use the the right base and top coat and your's will grow as well :)

    @Sonidlo - netreba uvazovat, treba kupit :) fakt nebudes lutovat, je nadherny na nechtoch :)


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