Thursday, 8 September 2011

FOTD/ OOTD - Made of honour

Hello my lovely ladies :) I've got another FOTD/ OOTD post for you again. I know I haven't posted about my nails for a long time, but I'm wearing gel nails at the moment and I feel it isn't really necessary showing you fake nails even though I quite like them :)

Back to the main topic of this post - my outfit and make up I was wearing on my little sister's wedding.  I have to be honest - I didn't do the make-up myself and I got treated by the make up artist, the same guy who did my wedding make up (the original post here). He's done really good job with my eyes, but I had to change the lips to a nude colour straight away. I'm not sure what brand eye-shadows he used, but I think it wasn't very high end. Well, I didn't really mind as they lasted all night together with my all time favourite foundation Estee Lauder - Double Wear!

The dress is from a wedding salon in Slovakia, where my sister got her wedding dress from. They were made of silk, so soft and floaty.... I felt like a fairy when I was wearing them :)

one pose in the style of Pippa & Kate Middletons :)

earrings - Claires UK


  1. your eye makeup looks wonderful, love your dress as well

    Vonnie of

  2. Wow your makeup looks absolutely stunning. Doesn't matter what he used cos you look GREAT! I love your eyes and I agree that the look is nicer with nude lips =) PS you have amazing eyebrows!

  3. @socialitedreams - thank you hun x
    @3 Girls Blog - I loved my eyebrows as well... he's a real professional :) x

  4. Oh my goodness, you look stunning! Your eyes are beyond gorgeous, and that dress is beautiful! <3 I really like the makeup. You did so well :D

  5. wow I absolutely love your make up! that blue is just amazing on you! Do you know what it is? You look fab!

  6. @Huda - thank you ;) I know the dress is beautiful, I didn't want to take them off :)
    @OluOh - Unfortunately not:( I only remember he used a turquoise eyeliner on me... but don't know a brand or shade :(

  7. Nice makeup, love the blue eye shadows.

  8. Sooo pretty! I love the blue makeup it really make the eyes POP!


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